A great man once told me "Verily verily I say unto thee Jacob, the most expensive commodity in a bakery is the baker".Turns out he was right. Baking good bread is an art and it takes a lot of time.

We love to create our sourdoughs giving it 12-14 hours from doughing to baking. Infact, 30 % of the dough is fermented for more than 24 hours which forms the starter.
Sourdoughs make a better tasting bread with higher moisture content,better digestibility and longer shelflife. It also acquires a better flavour with time.
Try a three day old sourdough wholemeal bread for Mull Cheddar and caramelised onion toastie or a cheese and chutney toastie as well.
These breads are made with the same standard recipe but the atmospheric temperatures can bring subtle variations to the taste and sourness to the final baked product,which makes it even more interesting and nothing remotely consistant.

I like mine with a good lashing of orange marmalade or a good homemade plum compote!!

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