Sandwiches made on DARK rye,  sourdough bread, Plain Scottish white & brown roll

Platter 1 
Coronation chicken with red onion & cucumber salad
Tuna , sweetcorn and red onion
Ham, homemade carrot chutney, mull cheddar
Roasted butternut squash, feta and black olive 
Spiced aubergine, hummus and rocket leaves


Platter 2
Pulled Oriental pork & spiced cabbage salad roll 
Loch fyne Salmon,  Lemon and lime crème fraiche,  Rocket leaves
Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto Mayonaise
Thai chicken salad, red onion and Coriander
Roasted mediterranian vegetables, Goat cheese and beetroot



Roasted butternut squash, caramelised red onion and lentil salad
Caesar salad, sour dough croutons, parmesan shavings
Tuna Nicoise with green beans, tomato and lemon, brown bread croutons
Parsley and cracked wheat salad, chickpeas and spinach
Roasted aubergine, feta and black olive salad
Goat cheese, walnut , beetroot and Orange pesto salad
Honey chilli and sesame chicken, soy dressing, celery, sprout salad


Bakes and Pies


Broccoli and cheddar cheese
Spinach and mushroom
Goat cheese, tomato and basil
Bacon and onion
Chicken and artichoke
Chicken sausage and zucchini


Blackboard Specials 
Roasted halloumi with cajun spices, tomato mint raita, pickled radish £2.80
Connage Brie, Carrot and cranberry chutney, Baby Spinach Panini. £3.20
Sauteed Mushrooms,  Crumbled Blue cheese & grilled courgettes in wholemeal Panini £3.20
Mince beef Tuk-tuk with cucumber raita in flatbread £3.40 non-veg
Seared beef with Home ground horseradish, caramelised onions, cheddar slaw £3.25
Creamed Chicken and bacon Calzone £3.50
Chilli Pork Banh mi with cabbage slaw Oriental £3.30


Breakfast Platters

break plat
Sliced fruit platter with berry yoghurt £8 / Platter
Granola pots with dried fruits and Acacia Honey Yoghurt    
Selection of handmade pastries £1 / Each 
Almond croissants, Chocolate croissants Cinnamon buns  £1.50 / Each 
Signature  scone assortment  with the frills £1.60 / Person


Warm Platters
Breakfast baps – egg , sausage or crisp bacon  warm-plat
Breakfast bun (VEGGIE) – Roasted vegetables, tomato and Emmenthal
Poached egg  breakfast pot with Speciality bean casserole


Filled croissants
Ham & Emmenthal £2.20  crois
Roasted vegetables & Brie £2.20
Smoked salmon herb cream cheese with Rocket £2.50


Cakes and Pastries 
Carrot cake £0.90
Apple custard  cinnamon bun £0.80
Plum Custard  cinnamon bun £0.80
Croissant £0.80
Almond croissant £0.90
Chocolate croissant £1.00
Madeira orange cake £0.90
Fresh cream fruit gateaux slice £1.80
Belgian Chocolate chip cookies (5 cookies) 70% cacao £1.80

If you require any specific fillings, salads or pastries apart from the ones mentioned please do let us know.

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