Lunch Sit-In 

Soup of the day gf/ wf /v 
Served with our freshly baked bread and Butter

Baked Lattice
Choice of Vegetarian or Meaty , golden brown filled pastry
served with mixed salad

Vegetarian Quiche
Served with mixed salad

Warm Fritata of the day GF/Wf

Salad platter gf/wf £5.50



Warm Brie, roasted vegetables & tomato chutney ciabatta £5.50

Braised & spiced pulled pork, caramelised onions, emmenthal

Loch fyne smoked salmon, crème fraiche & pickled vegetables on tye sour dough £5.50

Cured smoked ham, apple and carrot chutney, emmenthal melt

Thai chicken, spinach & red onion ciabatta £4.50
Korma chicken, tomato and lettuce baguette £4.50
Buffalo mozzarella , vine tomatoes & olive balsamic ciabatta £4.50
Pastrami, cabbage slaw & dressed salad sandwich £4.95
Spiced beef patties and salad flatbread, almost a burger £6.25



Leisure lunch, a little gourmet

Chickpea pancake, warm couscous & grilled vegetables with a herbed yoghurt dressing gf/wf/v £5.80

Roasted chicken breast escalope on salad greens, grilled
tomatoes, parmesan shavings & roasted sweet potatoes. GF

Daily hot stew served with braised rice GF/WF
(check the chalkboard)

Gratin of vegetables and parmesan served with a tomato sauce & house salad V






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